Hosted Act! – Act! in the Cloud

Considering ACT! but not able to have it on-premise or needing a cloud-based solution?

There are a number of reasons why a cloud-based solution may benefit your business:

  • You may work with associates with no office and no infrastructure
  • You may work with agents or teleworkers
  • You may have one or more Mac users
  • Your business may be in a period of high-growth where you need a quick implementation
  • Your circumstances may mean that investment in hardware and infrastructure is not appropriate just now
  • We can now offer ACT! Premium hosted on UK servers through our carefully chosen partners. This is an alternative to which may be more than your business requires.


  • Quick Implementation – you could be up and running later today!
  • Flexible – add or remove the total number of users as your business needs change
  • Lower Overheads – no need for on-site IT staff or server hardware to maintain and support
  • Low Risk – no contract commitments and your data back – at no charge – if you terminate the contract
  • Versatile – synchronise to local ACT databases for users that require access to their CRM data when there might not be internet access.
  • Local Support – work with your local ACT consultant – that’s us! – for training, customisation and support
  • Expandable – add remote desktops, ACT desktop client, extra storage space as your business grows
  • Spread The Cost – regular monthly payments allow you to better plan the finances of your business
  • Upgradeable – add other software services like Exchange, Office, to your monthly fee
  • Secure – our UK hosted servers are also used by Government departments, regulated financial institutions and major FTSE 100 organisations

Unique Hybrid solution – have your database hosted in the cloud and sync to/from your office – and get the best of both worlds!Maybe you want cloud but your broadband just isn’t up to it?  If you are an existing Act! user and have add-ons you love then we can also host those.   Contact us now!

Want to find out more? Visit our partner site.

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What our clients say

I spoke to those involved in the training today and they were all very Positive and Happy at what had been achieved today, so Thank you for the excellent work.- MD, Stirling
Your workshop was great and I realised how much easier my life would be with all my data in one place – simple yet powerful. Thank you.- Jane Quinn, director, miworld